Teaching Creativity

Instituto Puente, Guatemala, January 2018

Instituto Puente, Guatemala, January 2018


Teaching Creativity…

In meiner interkulturellen Arbeit ist es mir wichtig, dass jeder sich auszudrücken lernt und die eigene Herkunft als Ressource für seine Kreativität begreift. Bisher durfte ich in Österreich, Deutschland, Iran, Sri Lanka, Indien und Guatemala meinen Workshop leiten.

In my intercultural work it’s very important to me that each individual learns how to express themselves and to understand their heritage as a source for creativity. Until now I was lucky enough to teach my workshop in Austria, Germany, Iran, Sri Lanka, India and Guatemala.

Instituto Puente in Punta Brava - Guatemala

Austrian Cultural Forum in Teheran

IAPAR International Theater Festival in India

Colombo International Theater Festival

Special Coaching Actors Studio in Berlin

Tiroler Kulturservice in Innsbruck - Austria

Amanda Peiris (Sri Lanka): It was a great privilege to have had Julia and her friend for our annual International Theatre Festival workshop. It wasn’t your typical workshop. It was more like a friendly gathering. There were around 26 of us from different places in Sri Lanka with different levels of theatre experience and different cultural backgrounds.
Typically it would have been hard to get all of us to one level of knowledge but Julia achieved it from the moment she started her workshop by being one of us. She made it all so simple and normal that everyone could relate to her and learn and in such a way honestly come out as themselves.

We started off with relaxing exercises and then gradually got into the theme ‘Home’ as the main topic for a one minute performance. As it was so close to us in my mind and soul all of us could bring out the best of us in it so we could share a part of us with everyone present. As this was our first workshop held, it worked miracles in bonding with all of whom were present.

‘Home’ for some was their family. For some it was a feeling that they’ve missed and is longing for. And for some a person. When some stories were full of happiness and peace some were painful yet honest. We felt that even when we are so so different, in one certain way we are all so alike. I think that’s the main thing we all took home with us from Julia.

‘Home’ could be anything or anyone but it’s something we all long for and try to hang on to. Thank you Julia for bringing the best of us out in helping 26 unknown 

people become one big family. We will always remember Julia for her simplicity and compassion for drama. Not to forget her amazing performance at the ITF 2018 in Sri Lanka. Thank you for everything. We wish you nothing but the bestest things in life.